Myra Hassaram-Nichani


Myra Hassaram-Nichani

Owner & Optician
  • Occupation:
    Owner & Optician
  • Experience:
    23 Years in Practice
  • Core Skills:
    Customer Service
  • Certificates:
    BSc, Opticianry Diploma
  • Location:
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    University of San Carlos, Seneca College


Myra Hassaram-Nichani grew up in a large family in the Philippines. Today, Myra is accompanied by three other siblings who are still in the optical/eyecare industry (two wholesale distributors of frames, one an optometrist). Despite strong familial propensity for entrepreneurship and the eyecare industry, Myra did not know that she would open up a successful optical boutique in 1999. Myra’s educational background was actually in accounting; however, tough times made it such that Myra could not find employment in the financial industry, so she went into eyecare and i2i Opticians was born.

Juggling a new business amid an economic recession and a toddler was tough. Despite past familial success, Myra’s fair share of struggles with many barriers has made her profoundly humble. Coupled with perseverance, her inherent nature to care for others, and optimistic views on life, it is without a doubt that Myra’s exceptional customer service, along with the high-quality products she sells, has kept clients coming back for more.

Myra keeps herself quite busy in the i2i clinic assisting patients with choosing the right pair of glasses, providing teaching on how to use contact lenses, and cutting her own lenses to ensure a perfect fit with your frame. Nonetheless, she’s also working at home on her days off, getting administrative work done and answering client emails and phone calls – proof she is a workhorse.

When she does make time for herself, you’ll either find Myra spending time with her family, making exquisite gourmet dishes from multiple cuisines (Philippine, Indian, South East Asian, Caribbean, American), baking the best banana bread and crème brûlée you have ever tasted, or catching up on the latest action-thriller-mystery movies and shows.

Professional Training & Experience

Myra Hassaram-Nichani is the owner and sole optician at i2i Opticians in Toronto, ON, Canada. Her educational background includes graduating with a high school diploma from Silliman University, a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSc) from University of San Carlos, an Opticianry Diploma from Seneca College earning her the ability to fit and dispense glasses and contact lenses. Myra also had adjunctive training in ophthalmic refraction at Georgian College; however, the program was unfortunately suspended to no avail, with Myra having completed 3.5 years of education and only ½ a year remaining to graduate.